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Road Markings

Our thermoplastic line marking techniques deliver long-lasting road markings that are high visibility and anti-slip. Exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear, they are an eco-friendly and low maintenance means of improving a highway or private road, sitting between 3 to 6 years without the need for touch-ups.


Car Parks

Without clear markings, car parks can be chaotic spaces in which accidents frequently occur; this leads to visitors being less likely to choose a car park, and revenue plummeting. Entire Surface Solutions Ltd uses thermoplastic line marking techniques to clearly set out car parks so that they are well ordered and easy to use.


Playground Markings

An unmarked playground can be uninspiring, and put off children from using it. Carefully planned out thermoplastic line marking not only encourages children’s imagination’s to run wide, but makes a playground safer to use by setting out particular types of play area, while reducing chances of spills and tumbles due to its non-slip characteristics.

Your Specialist for Line Marking in Croydon & the Entirety of the UK | Entire Surface Solutions Ltd

Welcome to the website of Entire Surface Solutions Ltd. Based in Warlingham and covering all surrounding areas throughout Surrey and London – including Bromley, Croydon, Orpington and Harrow – we are a professional line painting company that delivers a range of solutions, from crystal clear and long-lasting road markings, to playground markings and markings for private car parks.

Whether you’re a domestic client in need of a few marks laid out on your property, or a commercial client with a much larger project underway, we have the skill, equipment and experience needed to meet all your requirements. Both CSCS and NVQ accredited, our team adheres to all BS EN industry regulation, ensuring our line marking allows you to effectively fulfil your legal obligations. The quality of work itself can be striking due to the thermoplastic line marking techniques we utilise, which provide an end result that is high reflectivity and anti-slip/skid.

Who We Are

Founded back in 2007, Entire Surface Solutions Ltd is a Warlingham-based, independently operated and family-run company, specialising in line painting and road marking. While our principal service areas are located closely around us – not just those listed above but also Epsom, Sutton, Twickenham, Guildford and Woking – we cover a 200-mile radius surrounding Croydon; this ultimately means we can handle any project in any area of the UK!

Over the years, our trained technicians have used their expertise to help UK residents and companies to set out safe and well-marked areas, whether they be roads, playgrounds or car parks. With every job, we’re meticulous – and this commitment to workmanship also shows up in our care adhering to allotted timeframes and pre-agreed budgets. This same rigor goes into properly following all CITB health, safety and environmental protocols for working on public roads and highways.

Led by a director with over 22 years of experience in the industry, we can overcome any hurdles that might be identified during the initial consultation and assessment: for example, if work needs to be undergone solely during the night. Your peace of mind is assured by:

  • Use of thermoplastic line marking techniques
  • 12-month guarantees on all road markings, playground markings and similar line painting
  • £10m public and £5m employer liability insurance policies
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Qualified team with City &Guilds, NVQ, CSCS & CITB accreditation
  • QMS ISO 14001 Registered
  • QMS ISO 9001 Registered
  • QMS OHSAS 18001 Registered
  • Flexible approach to working times

So if you’re in any of the areas listed below and require a highly reputable line painting, road markings, or playground markings company – specialising in thermoplastic line marking – don’t hesitate to give us a call:

  • Warlingham
  • Croydon
  • Orpington
  • Bromley
  • Harrow
  • Epsom
  • Guildford
  • Sutton
  • Twickenham
  • Woking
  • Surrey
  • Sussex
  • London
  • All Locations Nationwide




  • All the materials we use are recyclable therefore waste is minimal
  • Iron is melted down and re-used saving our footprint
  • We use a paperless system
  • Carry out more local jobs than national jobs
  • Euro6 lorries purchased in 2021
  • Invested in new fuel efficient lorry in 2021
  • PTO (Power Take Off) unit which stops another engine being used to power our boilers
  • Ad blue engines
  • Termo plastics have had lead removed making it more environmentally friendly

Contact us for any other suggestions on how we could reduce our carbon footprint

Why Choose Us

Experienced Workforce

Experienced road marking and thermoplastic line marking technicians.


All line painting applications covered by 12-month company guarantees.

Liability Insurance

£10 million of public and £5 million of employer liability insurance.

Nationwide Network

Road markings and playground markings nationwide by request.

Flexible Timeframe

Line marking services during the day or at night to suit your timeframe.

Accredited Personnel

City & Guilds, NVQ and CSCS accredited personnel with CITB training.

Nationwide Scale

Covering Croydon, Bromley, Harrow and locations on a nationwide scale.

Interested in the line marking and line painting services detailed across this website? Call our team, located near Croydon and covering the entirety of the UK, on 01883 620 042 or 07775 658 273.

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Entire Surface Solutions Ltd are proud sponsors of Caterham Pumas